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Eagles Nest is a pitchinng/hitting baseball cage located in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Is the home of Eagles Cluj, the baseball team founded in 2021 by Eduard Pîrvu a lover of this sport.

The cage it has become a necessity for the club because all of the indoors in the city was booked all the time, so they looked for a solution. They found this space and they renovated it from 0 (you can watch the process here).

Because of Eagles Nest the whole team it got better and better. In one year of practice, the senior team won the Romanian Cup, 2nd place in the Championship and they advanced to European Cups Qualifiers in 2024. In 2 years and a half they gathered around 50 lovers of baseball/softball around this team.

The kids loved the space and they love to play baseball.

Unfortunately they can’t cover the monthly rent that is 640 euros till April 2024.

From April 2024 it will be 1000 euros per month.

Cluj-Napoca is a very expensive city and they are trying to save the club facility.

If you want to be part of their story and help them save the Eagles Nest and become a subscriber of 10$ per month, you can do it bellow and the whole team would be very grateful!


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Suntem un club privat care pune la dispoziție clujenilor posibilitatea de a practica un sport îndrăgit de milioane de oameni.


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